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🐙 Octopus Shower Curtain - Kinky'z Collectionz
🐙 Octopus Shower Curtain - Kinky'z Collectionz
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 🐙 Octopus Shower Curtain - Kinky'z Collectionz
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 🐙 Octopus Shower Curtain - Kinky'z Collectionz

🐙 Octopus Shower Curtain

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Octopus are are amazing. Even this large one can escape through a hole the size of a quarter. Very intelligent, they can even open up a jar top from the inside and escape!

Upgrade your bathroom's look. Check out our fantastic Octopus Shower Curtain.

Octopus Shower Curtain

  • 100% polyester so it dries quickly
  • Nearly six foot by six foot it is an impressive part of your bathroom
  • Repels mildew to protect your investment
  • Full edge to edge color printing pops out at you

Want a full set of Octopus Shower Curtain items? See our bundle above and you can save 20% over individual prices! The bundle includes (in addition to the shower curtain):

  • Bath Mat- This microfiber bath mat is both practical, and stylish. The anti-slip backing keeps the bath mat firmly in place and reduces the risk of slipping. The feel on your feet after you get out of the shower is warm and luxurious. 

  • Towels (2)- These plush bath towels are a blend of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. Luxurious! They feel great when you get out of the shower. Plus, with the poly cotton blend it dries quickly and always feels soft and cuddly.

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    Every design, when printed for the first time goes through Image Quality Control performed by the printing team. In case the artwork cannot be printed in fine quality, we do not make any moderation to the file, but we do notify you about the matter. This applies mostly to custom work. We don't print our own images unless they pass the Image Quality Control Process.